Lifeline is excited to tell you that we have completed our journey to make the changes necessary to attract the abortion-determined woman into our center.  We received (and continue to receive) a great deal of training about the characteristics of Gens Z and Alpha, marketing to them, building our capacity to “love them both” with excellence, and collect the data we need to be responsive to the changes that will come in future generations.  Our vision is to make abortion unnecessary in Berks County and we do that every day by helping women feel safe and supported in a controlled, professional environment, using a systematic approach designed to give them peace of mind. Women who come to Lifeline – now NorthStar Women’s Center – are treated with the God-given dignity they deserve with no judgement.  Many women who seek us choose LIFE, but others do not.  We hear from many patients who suffer immense pain and sorrow from that decision.  At Lifeline/NorthStar, we have always provided support to post-abortive women.  To continue that mission, we are excited to let you know that we are in the process of creating a Biblically based curriculum for an abortion recovery support group that will begin in January, 2025.  Women who heal from this trauma will become advocates in the community for God’s abundant LIFE. But what about the women who choose LIFE?  I am pleased to let you know that we have re-organized the classes at the center.  We will be offering them exclusively to our patients and to women who are 20 weeks pregnant or less to support women making a life decision.  Those classes are currently in progress and encompass the areas of healthy relationships, life skills (including budgeting and time management), parenting for the first year, and co-parenting.  I want you to know that we are currently researching successful fatherhood programs to create something meaningful that our fathers would find valuable.  We plan to have a committee beginning to meet in 2025 to create that program.  Until then, all of our mothers, regardless of the level of involvement of the fathers, will be empowered with the co-parenting series. What comes after that?  Partner with us today and let’s explore what is needed to continue to make abortion unnecessary in Berks County.  Make  your gift today that will make a real and lasting impact on the parents of tomorrow.

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At Lifeline of Berks County, all services are free and confidential.

For clients who come to Lifeline for a pregnancy test, Lifeline offers peer counseling, reproductive health education, material services, and referrals.  Our pregnancy tests, limited ultrasound confirmation of pregnancy, options education, and STI testing are for education and are not meant to replace your regular medical care.  

Lifeline of Berks County does not provide or refer for abortions.  We do listen and help you get the information you need about all of your options.

You have your own story.  We are here to listen and provide support.

At Lifeline of Berks County, all services are free and confidential.



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