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“If you want to touch the past, touch a rock.  If you want to touch the present, touch a flower.  If you want to touch the future, touch a life.”

Ways to Help

You have gifts and talents to share.  We have clients who need you. Whether you have time to volunteer or a desire to work for Lifeline, please fill out one of our applications and join our team.

Director of Patient Services

Lifeline of Berks County is looking for a Director of Patient Services.  This position requires a minimum of 30 hours per week. 

Responsibilities include serving as a patient advocate and creating a training and evaluation program for our new 15-step process to make abortion unnecessary in Berks County while maintaining quality control.  Recruiting volunteers for various positions is required, as well as participation at church, community, and center events on occasion.  This position would be part of the leadership team to guide Lifeline into the next 50 years. 

The right candidate will be a practicing Christian that participates in a local congregation or parish.  The position requires leadership and organizational skills and the ability to be firm but fair in training and evaluating staff.  This person must be unwaveringly pro-life and passionate about reducing the number of abortions in Berks County.

Download the application below and apply today or call Lifeline 610-374-8545 and ask for Stephanie Giles if you have any questions.

Part-Time Bookkeeper

Lifeline of Berks County needs a part-time bookkeeper to help us as we expand.  The right person for this position will have a minimum of five years of experience with Quickbooks – Quickbooks Online would be even better.  This position requires an average of five to ten hours per week.  Responsibilities include recording bills paid, deposits, and reconciliation of accounts.  Initially this person will be needed to assist in setting up an easily usable chart of accounts, improving on our current chart, and update vendor information.  Annually, the bookkeeper would work with the Executive Director and board Treasurer to create and propose an operational budget to the Board of Directors to revise/approve.  Finally, the bookkeeper would assist in compiling the annual reporting items to the Lifeline accountant for review or, as we grow, audit.  We would also require the bookkeeper to adhere to financial policy and assist in making improvements as we grow.

Download the application today or call Lifeline at 610-374-8545 and ask for Stephanie Giles if you have any questions.  If you prefer to work as a subcontractor, the organization is open to that as well.

Client Care Advocate Volunteers

Lifeline is looking for warm, yet professional, Christian women to volunteer as client advocates.  The right candidate is passionately pro-life and ready to do her part to make abortion unnecessary in Berks County.  This position is the first to make a connection with our patients.  By asking specific questions and looking for specific information, you can assist a woman who is facing a pregnancy decision in getting the information she needs which can be found nowhere else.  Are you worried about what to say?  Do not worry.  This position uses a proven, scripted process to ensure that women get the information they came for.  You will not be asked to “counsel” anyone.  You will be asked to provide a warm, welcoming approach to our 15-step process and to do a basic share of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  For more information, please attend a Vision Tour and apply today.

Client Scheduler

Lifeline is looking for part time volunteers to answer the telephone and schedule clients for pregnancy test/ultrasound appointments.  The right candidate for this position is passionately pro-life and will follow the proven scripting for our 15-step process to make abortion unnecessary in Berks County.  By using our proven scripting, you will help a young woman to feel safe in making an appointment to come into Lifeline to get the information she needs to make her decision.  There is no worry about what to say and training to prepare you for this vitally important position as the first voice of  calm.  For more information, please attend a Vision Tour and apply today.

Our Services

At Lifeline of Berks County, all services are free and confidential.

For clients who come to Lifeline for a pregnancy test, Lifeline offers peer counseling, reproductive health education, material services, and referrals.  Our pregnancy tests, limited ultrasound confirmation of pregnancy, options education, and STI testing are for education and are not meant to replace your regular medical care.  

Lifeline of Berks County does not provide or refer for abortions.  We do listen and help you get the information you need about all of your options.

You have your own story.  We are here to listen and provide support.

At Lifeline of Berks County, all services are free and confidential.



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